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How to Bypass AppLock in Any Android Phone-2016 [Working]

How to Bypass AppLock in Any Android Phone-2016 [Working]
Hey, guys in today tutorial I am gonna show you how to bypass any app lock in the android phone without knowing app lock password or pattern. The app lock become famous in android for securing sensitive files or data. Mostly users using app lock on their smartphone. The app lock is now being used by 70 to 80% people in their phones. But many of few know about how to unlock app lock without knowing the password. There are many ways to unlock app lock and access someone data also sometimes we forget our app lock password and then we want to access app lock protected files. So there is a way with which you can bypass android Applock with easily.

What is an AppLock

AppLock is a very popular app in android that locks any app for you. Now a day app lock application is very popular among the people everyone using this app in android phone to protect his/her sensitive files or data. With the help of app lock you can protect your sensitive files or data from others also it's a common method for securing files in our android phone and easy method. Applock application becomes very common app now a day mostly everyone using it also in my class 50 out of 47 students using app lock on their phone. So we can think that the app lockbecomes the basic application for android users. Applock crossed  100 million downloads and still it's download increasing day by day because of its features and security. But everyone knows that if something has advantages or positive point then also it's must have the negative point.
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How to bypass app lock in android 

Method 1st  Uninstalling Applock from android 

Simple and easy method to bypass or disable app lock in android phone 

  • Open your phone settings and navigate to installed applications 
  • Tap on installed application tab 
  • Now choose app lock from installed app by manual click or searching by app lock name 
  • Click on app lock icon and processed to uninstall 
  • Click on uninstall option just it 
  • your app lock uninstalled from your phone 


This trick fails when app lock is active for Install/ Uninstall feature. also, if you try to uninstall app lock from admin phone then he will know about uninstalling app lock from his phone so its a disadvantage of uninstalling app lockfrom admin phone. If this method does not work then processed to the second method.

Method 2nd Force Stop Applock In settings

This method works awesome and it works almost 99% in any android so let's take it look how it works in android phone.

  • First of all, open your phone settings  
  • Go to --> SETTINGS-> Apps.or App Manager
App manager

  • Here you will see list of apps installed on your phone
  • Now look out app lock app or search app lock in settings
  • Find app lock and tap on it 
Applock setting

  • Now click on Force stop button there which will temporarily stop the functioning of app lock app
Force stop

  • That it you are done Now you can easily access secured files and open any app without having app lock screen over it.

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