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Free WiFi-How to Use Free Internet Anyware, Anytime

Free WiFi-How to Use Free Internet Anyware, Anytime

Get Free Wifi Anywhere

Use Free Wifi - Now a day everyone have android phone,they are using the internet on that even they use internet calling But sometimes our data pack to get over then what we do because no any shop is near by us or shop is near us we don't have money so what we do on that time, So guys in this article I will show you how to use free wifi network anywhere and everywhere at free of cost. In this post, i will talk about wifi app which helps us to get wifi password everywhere in India also in another country. 

Use free wi-fi with android phone

Sometimes we want to stay connected with friends over chatting application like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger but whenever we leave our house, only we have option left, data pack but if our luck is bad then we can't use that data pack because our data pack has already covered in this situation only two options left, buy data card either use public WiFi. But the question arises about the password. 

As we know that the WiFi becomes a basic need for every user who wants to download bigger files over the internet, using the internet at unlimited data usage and working online in every case we need fast internet access which is not possible with data pack or recharges. So we need wifi, supposed you are wondering outside and then you want to mail urgently to your office then what you will do because, you don't have internet access outside even your Android phone has not sufficient data for sending mail with the attachment of a file, in this case, WiFi help a lot.
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 Let's take my example in case of WiFi and internet access, when I bought a new Android phone I was very excited about using free internet even I don't spend money on data card because of limit and being an android geek I am always spend my time using My phone so in this case 50 -100 MB will not satisfy me. So I need wifi connection which provides me the huge amount of data and provides me unlimited access with high speed.  
My lots of friends knows the nearby wifi connection password which was near at my college after 6th lecture they all want out of using wifi free but the thing which really disappointed me they don't tell me wifi password whenever I ask to them they only replies me, the password was fill by his friend so he doesn't know but I really thank my one the college Friend who knew the password of that place, after that he took my phone and shared the password with my phone, after all, incident I started using public wifi, after some time I bought the WiFi router and set up the broadband connection in my home, now I am satisfied with my Home wifi and lot of thanks Jio for providing free internet connection. So in this guide, I will provide you an easy method for using free wi-fi without asking your friends
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WiFi map is an android app which has lots of data regarding wifi networks. WiFi map contains thousand and lack offree WiFi password on its application. It helps us to get a WiFi Free connection anywhere when we don't have data pack. In this app, you can set the location and get the WiFi hotspot password easily without facing any difficulty or asking for anyone. The app most popular on play store. It is top 1st in 50 and contains 6,000,000 wifi hotspot. The USA, Canada Mexico America, Europe Asia, Russia-like country wifi password stored in it.

How to use free WiFi anywhere and anytime 

This guide is for educational purpose so Keep in mind, using others wifi is an illegal activity and shoutricks does not support any illegal thing. Use this trick at your own risk.

  • First of all, you need to download the WiFi map application from here 
  • Download and install the WiFi map app 
Download Wifi map
Download Wifi map
  • Now open the WiFi map application on your Android phone, you will get some steps when you open the first time so skip them by Clicking on next 
  • Now Click on enable GPS location option, I will recommend you activate GPS and choose high accuracy option in GPS settings
Enable Location
Enable Location
  • Now you need to search the WiFi hotspot network on your wifi map app
  • After enabling the location it will automatically choose the location and start finding free WiFi networks nearby locations, after finding it will show you wifi networks 
Showing nearby location wifi
Showing nearby location wifi
  • A simple tap on any WiFi which of password you want to know.
  • When you click on wifi connection, it will ask for unlock wifi , simply tap on that 
Click on Unlock wifi password
Click on Unlock wifi password
  • Enjoy the free WiFi anywhere.

How to get updated wifi network password easily

  1. Repeat all the steps which are mentioned above, but Now you need to click on top of the refresh icon, tap on it See this also:- How to check who is using your Wi-Fi connection in android
  2. Now it will start updating passwords
update wifi free password
update wifi free password
  1. It will search for updated passwords of current WiFi networks which were discovered on app
  2. After updating the password of WiFi it will show the list of WiFi networks and Number of WiFi networks password updated
Updated password
Updated password
  1. Final, you almost learned how to get free WiFi networks anywhere.

How to Set country for  wifi password

  1. It is the most important thing when we go for this app because we want to use free WiFi networks by near location but sometimes it will start showing us London wifi network then what we do
  2. The first method, you have to enable the GPS location which will set your location automatically
  3. The second method, manually setting the location by going the third tap and then choose the country like India.
  4. When you choose the country, it will start showing fee wifi hotspot option for downloading, if you want to download the password then you need to sign in with Facebook or Google account. How to view save wifi password in your Android phone
Choose Country]
Choose Country
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